Color Picker Tool

Color Picker Header

August 2018  |  Through user research, it’s been revealed that many shoppers have a difficult time coordinating colors when purchasing multiple items, especially online. After identifying color coordination/palette building as a user need, I decided to build a tool that would take the guess work choosing the right colors when shopping online.

Color Picker Sketch

Color Picker Flow

In thinking through the user flow and working up wireframes, I wanted to match how people typically shop. I started with the assumption that most users would start with one item that they like, and coordinate colors around that primary piece. With the color picker tool, users can either choose a product on the site, or upload a photo of their own, then browse color palettes and shop products within that color scheme.

Color Picker Wireframe

After laying out wireframes, I created higher fidelity mockups and built prototypes to show both the desktop and mobile interactions.