Email Redesign


May 2018 | I was given the chance to redesign Hayneedle’s marketing emails. Since the website had just undergone a redesign, I took this project as an opportunity to better align the marketing emails with the new site design for a more consistent brand experience. In working through the design, I ensured that the updates I made stayed within the website’s new design system to maintain a consistent look and feel.

To establish a more consistent experience from email to site, I reworked the email modules to more closely match their website counterparts. In reviewing all of the modules that are regularly used, I was able identify inconsistencies and establish a system of repeating elements.

I redesigned the event callouts to better match the event page headers (above). The event callouts in the old emails were handled inconsistently. Since the marketing team still needed different sizes of banners for hierarchy when using multiple event callouts in the same email, I created a consistent text treatment to be used with different sized images.


Similarly to the event callouts, I reworked the idea board modules to more closely align with the idea board page headers (above).


I also updated the category modules to be handled the same way as they are on site (above).

Overall, the redesign helped create more consistency both within emails and across the emails to the site.