Hayneedle Department Flyouts

Hayneedle Department Flyout

July 2016 | I was tasked with creating a more consistent way to display special sales and categories within Hayneedle’s department flyouts.

The old flyouts lacked consistency in how they were displayed, and in user testing we realized that the promotional portion of the flyout was often confused for an ad or ignored completely.

Hayneedle Old FlyoutHayneedle Old Flyout

For the new flyouts design I created a grid system to maintain a consistent layout as users hover across the department tabs. Another key element to the updated design is the more minimal approach to content. Whenever possible, merchandisers are encouraged to only highlight one sale or category at a time. However, there is an option to show two at a time, and four on the sale tab. After the redesign we saw much better engagement with this area of the flyout.

Hayneedle New FlyoutHayneedle New Flyout